What We Do

Now more than ever employees want to work in an environment where their ideas are valued and their contributions are noticed and appreciated. NIHI provides the most direct channel for employees to share their ideas, make their voices heard and receive feedback.

In our dynamic, fast-changing and globalized world, constant innovation and modernization are essential for every company in order to remain relevant. NIHI allows companies to address its innovation needs by tapping into the innovation potential of its employees, helping ideas percolate up and enabling the circumvention of idea stickiness.

A Twofold Need

The Problem

Current methods of idea management and sharing all face the same drawbacks and inhibit ideas from percolating up.

NIHI provides value and support at every step of the idea loop, from generation over evaluation to feedback and rewards.

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What We Believe

Underlying everything we do is the belief that each person has millions of ideas every single day and wants to change his or her surroundings for the better. Therefore, only catching a fraction of this potential would already make a vast difference. In short, NIHI believes that one idea can catalyze valuable change benefitting employees, management, company culture and lastly the company itself.

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